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    Johnson Leather Jacket

    I have ridden thru some rain with the Masaye several times over the months and it is still good! It is my favorite riding jacket currently. It is not developing the deep creases like Vicenza but it is a lot more pliable. And it has developed a little sheen and looks broken in.
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    Aero Board racer zipper splits open

    My LL Cyclone arrived a while ago and it is a tight fit model and it fits great. And the Masaye jacket is all I wear when I ride nowadays. It is so easy to wear.
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    Aero Board racer zipper splits open

    Masaye jacket was fitted more snug than my Aero BR and because I have been layering due to cold weather, I have not been wearing Masaye much. Also, the sleeves are not attached for riding position so when I ride, a crease forms across the upper back. I will wear it more when it gets to 70's.
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    Aero Board racer zipper splits open

    That's so true. The cross zip jackets that I have ordered from LL are taking forever...
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    Aero Board racer zipper splits open

    I used pliers to pinch the puller little bit and the zipper has not come open since. Thank you. I love this Vicenza leather jacket. Although I had to get it fitted by Johnson leathers in SF after purchase, the Vicenza leather jacket continues to be impressive. I have ridden my bike in light...
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    Aero Board racer zipper splits open

    Is this a common problem? My jacket is Less than 1 year old but I have been wearing it frequently. And it recently started having a zipper problem where the zipper teeth come apart below the zipper pull all the way down to the zipper stop while I am riding the bike. And it becomes a cape with...
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    Help on new board racer

    Johnson leathers in San Francisco can trim the waist for you. They trimmed the body and biceps on my Vicenza Board racer for me.
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    Johnson Leather Jacket

    tighter the better. lol
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    Johnson Leather Jacket

    I received my first Johnson leathers jacket today. It fits like a glove. I wanted a snug fitting cafe racer and now i have one! Customer service and workmanship on the jacket is second to none. Compared to Aero BR's Vicenza, Masaye is more pliable from new. But I do prefer the stiffness and dry...
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    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    I have a fitting jacket coming from JL later this week for a cafe racer!
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    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    This is a Aero Board Racer in blackened brown in size 36. The arms and body have been slimmed as much as possible. I think it looks OK when I wear another layer underneath. However, my dream jacket is a fitted jacket with just a T-shirt underneath. I want to get another leather jacket but no...

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