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    FS: Bates 1970s moto jacket, 42, dark chocolate brown, near mint

    What's the bottom hem measurement on this one?
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    WTB Langlitz padded timberline sidewinder 44

    Just a suggestion - you might want to put WTB in the title of these posts. Good luck in your searches.
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    Unbranded jeans NWT

    Summer will be over soon, and your shorts will be put away for awhile. Get these really nice jeans for a very good price. If they fit me better there's no way they'd be for sale.
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    Unbranded jeans NWT

    These are size 34, and while I wear that size in most jeans (usually vanity sized), these are just too snug on me. Never worn, only tried on. Price is $45 picked up (L.A area), or $55 shipped. Measurements: Waist 18.25 Bottom hem 8.25 Inseam 33 Thigh 10.5 Rise 11.75
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    Johnson Leathers Cafe Racer (Custom) Size 44/46

    I only wore this one a couple of times due to the warm climate here, so it's back up for sale at the same good deal I bought it for. I'd say it fits like a 42.
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    Langlitz cascade approx size 40

    Sounds more than reasonable to me. Wish it’d fit.
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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but downunder Gman and I had some very pleasant message exchanging awhile back, and I'm sorry to see him go.
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    FS: GAP Trucker Medium in Cognac color - crazy grain

    I recently bought this same jacket (in a larger size) from too many hats..., and absolutely love it! I'm sure Mark will as well. Great leather!
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    Gap Leather Trucker 42-44ish

    PM'd with a question.
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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    I saw this one and am waiting for seller to send the measurements.
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    FOR SALE: Wested Indy raiders jacket in goatskin. Size 42

    Would you please post pics, measurements and price?
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    Side Laces on Motorcycle Jacket?

    I've been to shoe repair shops that carry leather lacing.
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    Five Star 1930's Cossack Premium Seal Goathide 42

    I'm kinda tempted, but wondering whether my iPad is portraying the color accurately. It looks grey to me, but it's listed as seal brown. Maybe I just don't understand what the "seal" adjective means. How would you describe the color?