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    Modern milan Stetson Stratoliner

    Like your new Strat, it looks good. I plan to pick up that color this year. Got the gray two years ago and love it. I replaced my pin with a reproduction, don't care for the current issue Stetson pin myself, but to each their own. Sizing in my case ran true, I ordered my usual 7 1/8 and it fits...
  2. T Rick

    Open Crown Stetsons: A Call (Plea) to Retailers!!

    That undyed pure beaver belly felt is absolutely awesome!
  3. T Rick

    The Stratoliner Association {Premiere}

    Thanks, exactly what I was looking for! Funny thing is, seems I even posted in the wrong thread (my original inquiry and the original pic were in this thread) Looks like I've got a bit of reading to do, but it appears the critical info is on page 7 of the thread you link. Thanks!
  4. T Rick

    The Stratoliner Association {Premiere}

    Has anyone heard or seen anything more on the green Stratoliner we saw Matt Deckard wearing a few pages back (his Twitter Feed I think someone said). I did confirm with him it was a new hat, "the new Excellent Quality Open Crown Stratoliner" is how he referred to it in a PM (I presume that's the...
  5. T Rick

    Looking for a hat like Lee Van Cleef wears...

    Problems with that Jaxon go beyond it's wool construction and poor quality. It looks very little like the VanCleef hat you showed. It has a much taller crown, and worse, one with a lot of taper to it. About the only similarity is the flat brim. You could look into a Stetson Amish hat (they...
  6. T Rick

    Akubra cattleman, before and after

  7. T Rick

    New Boss Raw Edge Reissue

    Don't know any of the above. But when I took a look, I was amazed at how close it looked to the Sheridan, from Stetson's "Old West Collection" (available at a fraction of the price). It is NOT the same hat though. The Sheridan is buffalo fur, and the ribbon appears to be narrower, and the crease...
  8. T Rick

    Open Crown Stetsons: A Call (Plea) to Retailers!!

    Where is that one from? I hope this is production, I'm getting close to ready to go on a little hat buying spree, and I'd LOVE a green Strat!
  9. T Rick

    Propper (NOT Propper as it turns out) USGI Peacoat missing

    Interesting thoughts. Never considered this with jackets, as mine are not of exceptional value. I do have lots of other valuable items, guitars, firearms, watches. There are all serialized. As it turns out, I was surprised to learn that these people feel no remorse or responsibility in this...
  10. T Rick

    Propper (NOT Propper as it turns out) USGI Peacoat missing

    You are quite right. I put in a phone call to Propper, and it turns out I must have been mistaken on the brand. The lady I spoke with has been with them for 15 years, and they have not produced a Navy peacoat in that time. Hmm... bad memory aside, I went to where I bought the last one. They...
  11. T Rick

    Propper (NOT Propper as it turns out) USGI Peacoat missing

    No sorry about it, that is most definitely the plan! And I have found a replacement, read below (to be written momentarily).
  12. T Rick

    Propper (NOT Propper as it turns out) USGI Peacoat missing

    Thanks, yes, the relatives have been contacted. Of course they didn't know they were mine. Ignorant idiots. Wouldn't be a matter for the police, it would be a civil matter (Michigan has treble damages for tenants in disputes, but this situation is of course unique). But that is another matter...
  13. T Rick

    Propper (NOT Propper as it turns out) USGI Peacoat missing

    Returned home from a work assignment in another State today. The friend I was renting from/sharing a house with passed away just before my leaving, but I was told not to worry about the house, nothing would be touched until after the first of the year. When I returned, it seems the family came...
  14. T Rick

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    Great hats as always guys, you inspire! Today, I swapped the current issue Stratoliner airplane pin on the Royal Deluxe Cornhill Stratoliner for the DC3 repro of the originals... The Stratoliner in Sterling will go on the gray Milan Strat. And donned the hat for a pic (sorry, I caught...
  15. T Rick

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Thanks RBH. Pretty sure I've read that thread before, though it's been some time. I'm now on page 10 of 15, and think so far this quote from TonyB sums it up about as well as can be done... Of course the quote was from 2008, so some things may have changed (bet he no longer has the hats he...

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