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    JL repro of a brando jacket

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    Full custom Field Leathers Manhattan review

    Dude, I just gotta say it again, that leather is incredible!
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    Full custom Field Leathers Manhattan review

    Amazing! Congrats!
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    Simmons Bilt

    Awesome! I love that style too.
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    Five Star Leather Jackets

    Looks insane! Well done.
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    Difference tumbled cxfqhh and normal cxfqhh

    My experience with the two is exactly as the name implies, tumbled is taking the new CXL and tumbling it, essentially beating up the leather, think of throwing a jacket into a giant industrial bingo ball tumbler with the balls. Result is a more broken in leather without using chemicals. With...
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    Himel: An Existential Review

    Consider this constructive feedback, not dogpiling. While I am firm proponent of "the customer is NOT always right", I'm not sure what's left to discuss. OP shared his experience, which to be fair is one point of view of the situation. Yes, the internet is full of trolls who are quick to...
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    Johnson Leather Jacket

    Nowhere I could think of and it's pretty fluid, for instance the burgundy leather on mine was a new offering.
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    Johnson Leather Jacket

    Yeah, the leather choice is a tough one, and you never know how a sample will translate into a completed jacket. I know they just made a CR in the same cordovan leather, and apparently they have other colors as well, food for thought, lol. Hope all is well with what's keeping you near home.
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    Johnson Leather Jacket

    I hear that, but my thought is, if you're going to spend this sort of dough on a jacket, and all that separates you is a 5 hour drive (or couple hundred bucks roundtrip these days) from the full JL experience with the added excuse of visiting friends/family, I mean, why not. Much easier to just...
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    Johnson Leather Jacket

    It's funny, if I'm being totally honest, the personality of the Hampton at first impression didn't wow me at all. The wearability absolutely did and that was my primarily goal, hence I was satisfied with the choice, but tbh couldn't help but think did I sacrifice too much for the comfort...
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    Johnson Leather Jacket

    This is probably their busiest time. Riding jackets getting made/repaired for spring and summer, and then all the large orders for fall and winter season. In the past, I found email works well with them, but keep in mind they don't have a dedicated staff to take calls/emails. When I visit, I...
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    Johnson Leather Jacket

    Thank you. Dude, seriously, I have never been as decisive about anything until I saw that leather on their work bench, lol. I told Damon for me this is a game changer, I want everything in this leather, lol. Much appreciated, we love our wacky liners! It's the one constant with everything I...
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    Johnson Leather Jacket

    Ask and you shall receive, lol. I was contemplating whether I should post pics or not, but since you asked. Buttons are an absolute non factor. Easy to open and close, of course it's a new so there's a little break in but it doesn't require any sort of deliberate effort. My CXL car coat on the...