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  1. Anthony_Eden

    To show shirts' cuffs or not to show...

    ... that is the question. Dear fellow members, I apologize if this has already been covered extensively, as it is a classic question but cannot find a really in-depth answer. So I would like to detail it further, and suggest to have it properly substantiated mainly with 1920-40's evidences and...
  2. Jkohl

    Engineer Boots Crisis!

    Hi, i'm new to posting on this forum but have done quite a lot of reading. Having deliberated and obsessed over engineer boots for some time, i took the leap and bought a pair from a British designer who does short runs of clothes / shoes called Simon James Cathcart (his stuff is great)! . The...
  3. W

    This suit's material?

    Hello, Can you help me identify the exact fabric and style of material used for this suit. And if you know it, can you tell me the price to tailor it (made to measure)?
  4. Ole Jakob 98

    1930 mens clothing

    hi guys, do some of You know about places other than darcy to Get 1930-40 clothing? Spear point shirts for example

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