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  1. Neilio

    Horsehide front quarter jacket

    Curious if anyone has any info regarding this model/maker of jacket. Supposedly from the 1940's.
  2. Antique Indian Motocycles

    1930s motorcycle breeches with amazing patina/grain

    If you are searching for maximum patina and grain, this is it! The ultimate stuff to totally scare your ol'lady or for dapper riding your vintage iron. Motorcycle breeches made 90 years ago. Fits like jeans waist size US 34 / 36. Cotton lining. Leather is showing a large variety of browns. In my...
  3. E

    Vintage Buco Jacket 1940's Label J-24 Style ? Age? Value? Help ? Value ?

    I have had this jacket 20+ years. I am trying to date it and find out what kind of leather it is. The label on the jacket was made in the 40's I believe. Jacket looks like a j-24 possibly. black quilted lining. Some of the pockets insides are a red and black fabric and some are just leather...

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