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  • Seems like the 3D printed block and flange thread has been closed, maybe because of the lack of vendor status, and there was some interest shown in purchasing his stuff.

    I work in Brooklyn, and the 3D block guy is in Brooklyn. If the topic resurfaces, maybe I could go inspect his stuff and report back as to quality. If he doesn't allow me to, that'll be all I need to know.
    Im looking to experiment with the felt offcuts and see if I can get a better finish and then maybe get him to re-shape the hat and do the pouncing myself. Im wondering how to know what direction the nap is going and what your basic advice is for pouncing. The felt is 2.3mm thick. I bought 320/600/1000 grit wet and dry paper and tried a small section but didnt really get that smooth finish I was hoping for.
    Sorry dude, don't know anything about pouncing.
    Hey mate, Just reading through some threads about pouncing and you seem to know what you're talking about. So wondering if you could give me some advice. Im currently in Mexico and just got a hat made with beaver. I was going for a rustic unfinished look so the hat maker didn't really sand anything back.
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