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    FS: Like New Schott NYC Perfecto 618hh Black Biker Jacket (size 36)

    I recently purchased this like new 618hh off of grailed and fell in love with it. unfortunately I am a size 38 so I’d like to re-sell quickly so I can purchase a 38 from a friend’s local shop!! This is a steal imho. The jackets minor flaw is SLIGHT wear on the collar (pictured). While it still...
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    New Schott Perfecto 618 Horsehide peeling... :(

    Hey guys! I recently bought an unworn jacket on eBay (according to the seller), a 618HH (horsehide). Yet I found a few scratches and scuff marks. Are these normal on a supposadely new jacket? Is the top layer of leather supposed to come off like that when scratched? It looks like a small piece...