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aero leathers

  1. TartuWolf

    FS : Aero Dustbowl - Size 36 - CXL FQHH Brown

    Location : Estonia Bought used from DE. Worn a couple of times inside, one time outside for an hour. Too big for me even when layered. Sleeves too roomy, pit-to-pit and upper back too roomy, a bit too long in body length. Main specs: Pit-to-pit width: 53-54 cm Bottom hem width: 47-48 cm...
  2. TartuWolf

    Aero leather choices/options (End of 2022)

    Hey folks, I am creating this thread for two reasons: 1 . INFO - On the off chance that I'm not the only fool who kept looking for info about different Aero leathers and didn't know that Aero themselves have a lot of information about each (slightly) hidden in their own website, I wanted to put...
  3. TartuWolf

    Proof of concept : Aero "ready-to-wear" scanner / watcher

    Greetings from Estonia! While planning my first "real leather jacket" purchase I found out about Aero Leathers. One neat thing they have going for them is their "ready-to-wear" section which get's regularly updated with newly available listings. I wish all makers would have something like...
  4. born113

    Aero leathers 3/4 jacket - durable durable leather

    I want to buy 3/4 Aero leathers jacket. Primarily I am interested in the durability and strength of leather. I not want the surface topcoat wears pretty quickly, and is especially prone to scratches. I want a jacket that not will look old and beaten in after a few short years. With all this, I...

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