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  1. Akcoco

    Aero Leather Type 3 Suede "Jean Jacket"

    For sale is a Aero Leather Type 3 Suede "Jean Jacket" in size 42. Tan suede. Bought from Japan but unfortunately a catch and release for me. Condition is good on the whole. No major faults that I can find. It is however worn and I've tried to show the wear on the suede. I think it could be...
  2. A

    Prayers for Ken of Aero

    Couldn't find a thread to fit this in but I thought it needed to be mentioned here. Ken Calder, who not only founded Aero but this whole repro hobby so many of us are engaged in, is in surgery today for cancer according to a post from Holly. (Public post, so I felt alright sharing it here.)...
  3. D

    Is there too much grain on my new jacket?

    Hi all, I just got in my new custom Aero! I noticed my jacket has a lot of grain. That's completely fine with me, and expected. But on some areas of the jacket, the grain is pretty raised up (not sure how else to phrase that). The aesthetics I'm totally fine with. I just don't know if this is...
  4. Akcoco

    Aero Halfbelt 38. FQHH Cordovan color.

    Selling a barely used Aero Halfbelt in size 38 due to sizing. Its a size 38: Chest: 53cm Shoulder 46cm Sleeve 63cm Length 64cm Storm cuffs. Talon zippers. Cotton lining. Shipping from Sweden. Asking 600$ OBRO
  5. S

    Eastman Leather B6 Roughout Size 44

    B6 Roughout in a 44..Unreal jacket but just cant pull it off. 800GBP plus postage. Located in UK but willing to ship worldwide as long as postage and insurance is paid by yourself. More pictures will follow folks but currently away from home. Thanks! Scott
  6. C

    Aero? Simmons Bilt? Looking for my "Forever Leather Jacket"

    Hello! I came here from Reddit. They referred me to The Fedora Lounge, as this seems to be the place where the experts and enthusiasts are. So here's my very first post... I've been searching for my "forever jacket" at age 40, as a future reward for my own weight loss... and unfortunately this...
  7. TartuWolf

    FS : Aero Dustbowl - Size 36 - CXL FQHH Brown

    Location : Estonia Bought used from DE. Worn a couple of times inside, one time outside for an hour. Too big for me even when layered. Sleeves too roomy, pit-to-pit and upper back too roomy, a bit too long in body length. Main specs: Pit-to-pit width: 53-54 cm Bottom hem width: 47-48 cm...
  8. TartuWolf

    Aero Dustbowl - CXL FQHH Brown - Fit / Impressions / Thoughts

    Greetings! Background On a cold snowy day in Estonia my first Aero jacket arrived. I've been planning (and continue to do so) to buy my first custom "proper" jacket, mainly considering Simmons Bilt and Aero, since I like that kind of style / patterns / leather choices. Recently I managed to...
  9. TartuWolf

    Aero leather choices/options (End of 2022)

    Hey folks, I am creating this thread for two reasons: 1 . INFO - On the off chance that I'm not the only fool who kept looking for info about different Aero leathers and didn't know that Aero themselves have a lot of information about each (slightly) hidden in their own website, I wanted to put...
  10. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    New Aero Ridley Jacket in Tumbled CXL FQHH

    Hello everyone, After taking all of your advice into account from my "Best Leather for a Lifelong Jacket?" thread back in May, I ended up ignoring pretty much all of it and instead decided to go with Tumbled CXL FQHH. After finally receiving the jacket today, I decided to take it to the one...
  11. T

    Aero Hooch Hauler Russet Badalassi 44"

    Hi everyone, I am looking to sell my fairly recently purchased (mid June '22) Aero jacket. I'm saving as much as possible for a new house and unfortunately can't justify keeping it. Only been worn 3 or 4 times as this summers been great for bbq's but terrible for leather jacket wearing...
  12. mrfoxhunter

    New Aero Premier Highwayman FQHH

    Hi Fedora Lounge, I registered on the forum back in 2013, January 2013 to be exact. How time flies. This is my first post here but hardly my first time on the forums. As they say "first time poster, long time lurker". That does sound creepy to me. Around 2006 I started getting into leather and...
  13. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    Best leather for a lifelong jacket?

    I'm sure that this question has been asked before, but I can't find the thread. Besides, I get a certain satisfaction from ruffling the feathers of those who would say, "THIS QUESTION HAS ALREADY BEEN ASKED X NUMBER OF TIMES, IDIOT!" That question is this: I'm on the verge of purchasing a new...
  14. D

    The Real McCoys Buco J100 and Aero Sheen Blackened Brown Vicenza size 40 for sale or trade

    Both jackets are size 40. The Aero has been worn a few times, the real mccoys is well worn (most noticeably around front zipper and along some of the seems). I would happily keep both if either fit my fat ass. Aero approximate measurements (the sheen is a board racer with a collar, made...
  15. K

    What do you think about my new AERO

    Hey people, I'm quite new to the forum and still owe you an introduction: I am Konrad from Berlin and I love heritage clothing, raw denim, hats, leather jackets and all the good stuff that will last for generations. Last Saturday I received a new AERO jacket. It's a 1950's College Jacket in...
  16. Z

    Looking for fit check on Aero cafe racer

    Hi everyone. I purchased an Aero jacket in the most recent sale and was hoping to get some fit feedback. This is my first real non-fast fashion leather jacket I’ve ever owned, so I’m not familiar with fit outside of them typically looking like overstylized leather cling wrap. I’m a pretty...
  17. Jejupe

    For sale Aero Type 3 sz 44

    Made of beatifull black Vicenza hh. Lined with troy blanket. Bought new in 2020, only tried on, no signs on wear so NWOT. New from Aero € 960 + shipping etc. This one € 600 shipped world wide, so almost half price for a brand new jacket! P2P 23,5” Hem 21,5” Sleeve 25” Back 25” Shoulder 20”
  18. K

    Aero Leather A2 Real Deal Jacket in Russet Jerky - Size 36

    Aero A2 Real Deal jacket in russet jerky, selling as I'm not wearing it too much and it's a shame for it to stay in the closet. It's been looked after quite well (mainly due to aforementioned lack of wear). Back - 24 inches Sleeves 24 inches Chest - 36 inches Mustard lining, seal brown knits...
  19. B

    Aero Leather Jeans Size 32

    Never Worn purchased in mid 1990s Aero Leather Jeans size 32 $450 CAD plus shipping from Canada at cost
  20. L

    Thoughts on Shangri-La leather jackets?

    Been looking at this: https://bombinate.com/product/1781411324555706650?gclid=Cj0KCQiAubmPBhCyARIsAJWNpiPqmaTisiA0yGkapIXesqtx9k87_FbzUmm6DA0ek1ABPR9oAl9wejUaAjhSEALw_wcB But can't seem to find much about them online, anyone have any experience with them? How do they hold up to similar priced...

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