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  1. steur

    FS Borsalino bowler/derby hat size 7 3/8 (fits like 7 1/4)

    For sale is this pre-war beautiful deep black furfelt bowler/derby/coke hat by Borsalino. Classic bowler or "bombetta" model called "Rizzo" by Borsalino. Bound brim at 5,5 cm. In very good condition with only light scuffing of the edge binding. Size 59 (6 punti, English size 7 1/4 and American...
  2. Ross Young

    FS- Scott & Co. 7 1/4 Bowler/Derby SOLD

    For Sale at a reasonable $20 + shipping. In decent as-is condition, I received this along with another hat and have no use for it.
  3. D00R

    Looking for hat information?

    Im not sure if its a Stetson Borsolino Selentino I was hoping this forum could help me find the hat im looking for.
  4. Nat Parkinson

    Vintage Knox (soft) Bowler Size 7, near mint outside

    This is the same hat I'm wearing in my profile pic - can't seem to figure out how to embed photos and PhotoBucket is acting up today. The only signs of age or wear are some tolerable rust colored stains on the front of the white satin lining. Has a plastic insert over the logo in the crown...

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