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brim width

  1. Kopfhanger

    Looking for 100% felt hat Size 57

    Looking for a prefebly Akubra brown CD Size 57/ 58. Please let me know if you have one and want to part way with it. Preferably not creased and in good condition. If you have any 100% felt, open crown hats with 2 1/2 ~ 3 inch brim shoot me a reply or a pm. I am interested in any color except...
  2. Lefty

    Ask a question, get an answer

    This seems to work on other sites, so I figure that it deserves a shot here. If you've got a quick hat question and don't see a thread for it, just post it here. Whether the question is about cleaning, anatomy of a hat, brands, etc., this is the place. Here's one to break the ice.
  3. D

    Crown height ?

    Hello, I'm a new fedora owner and new to the forum. Sorry I dont have a picture of my new hat right now but, I purchased a custom made Indy hat from Peter Bros. I have been a longtime fan of the Indy movies (sorry to say except the 4th one) and I thought adding a proper fedora to the collection...