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  1. Kermit

    "Hartmann" Luftwaffe jacket by "Cooper A-2

    Hi all, One of the members of the forum "Cooper A-2" sells "Hartmann" cyclist jackets made in France that seem to be of very good quality. https://www.thefedoralounge.com/members/cooper-a-2.36261/ I tried to contact "Cooper A-2" by PM, but it seems to be no longer active on the forum since...
  2. Jacques Terreur

    WANTED - french cycling jacket / Hartmann Jacket

    hello everyone, i'd like to own a french cycling jacket or Hartmann Jacket, with the typical flap pockets, chest size 38-42. Preferrably with swallow collar. It doesn't matter if it's an original one or a nicely worn-in repro, if you got something to offer, please do. :) I own an original one...
  3. Jacques Terreur

    WANTED: Hartmann Jacket, french cycling jacket chest size 38-42

    hello, i'd like to own a french cycling jacket, here's a photo of the style i'm after: i do know that they're quite expensive, but i am running on a rather small budget, so i am willing to take heavily damaged or run-down ones that need some TLC.... ;) thank you very much in advance for...

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