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d pocket

  1. M

    ꓷ - Pocket double rider anyone?

    Here to bring it to light. Yes you read that "D" the right way the first time... To all my fellow 2 wheel riders, southpaws, circus freaks, and freaks in general for the Double D, who would love to see a right sided D-pocket leather jacket accessible with the left hand.
  2. Observe

    Sears Oakbrook D Pocket Black Leather Jacket Size 42 $300 Shipped CA/US

    I bought this Sears Oakbrook D Pocket off a fellow member here back in May for $300. I'm hoping to also sell it for $300 shipped CA/US. I've worn it a handful of times since but it is in the exact same good condition as when I bought it. It pains me slightly to be selling such a cool piece but...
  3. S

    picked up an eastman D pocket a few months back for 300 shipped. anybody got any info on it? also, how did i do?

    ok so i picked up this eastman d pocket a while back for $300 and was wondering what you guys thought about it and if anyone knows when its from. this is my first “”””serious”””” leather jacket (i know $300 is chump change) eastman is a good brand from what i’ve heard but im kinda disappointed...
  4. Captain Sensible

    Vanson x Leftfield Commando Jacket Size M, Limited edition # 1 of 20 - 3kg

    Ladies and gents, this is #1 of the limited edition Vanson x Leftfield collaboration. This beast weighs in at a fraction under 3kg, thick and heavy cowhide armour. The sizing is generous, you should carefully check the measurements and pictures that will be added shortly. Be warned, the...
  5. Eglicomet

    WTB: Aero J106, ELMC Roadstar or similar D pocket in size 42

    Howdy, I'm looking for a Aero J106, Eastman Roadstar or similar D pocket in size 42 (~23" pit to pit) and preferably in horsehide. I live in NY and prefer a CONUS transaction... Whatcha got? Thank you!
  6. Eglicomet

    Aero Leather owners: Anyone ever seen a Bootlegger with a D Pocket?

    Howdy folks, I've become obsessed with D Pocket jackets and I'm really interested in a J106 Aero but, for the sake of a slightly less edgy appearance I figured that something like a Bootlegger with the addition of a D pocket might be an option. Just wondering if this has been done. Thoughts?
  7. lina

    FS: Flathead Delraiser horsehide moto jacket 44 (very nice!)

    I've decided to put this one up for sale. It's a beauty. Shinki horsehide, very high quality Japanese made jacket. (It has probably the nicest lining I've ever seen..) I will post below the description by Self Edge, who sells this jacket, as well as pics of me wearing it. I am 6' and about...
  8. 41eiffel

    Buco J-24H

    Hello, I cannot find any information about this Buco jacket. Appears to be a j-24, with elastic stretch band, no belt loops - maybe a J24-H from the early 60s ? the cut seems very long What's the value for this king of jacket in good used condition ? 300$ - 500$ - 1000$ - 1500$ ? Thanks in...

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