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eastman leather

  1. B

    For Sale: Eastman Leather Type B-3 50. Cal Size 48

    Hi everyone I am selling my Eastman B-3 50.Cal size 48 - comes with original tags. It was a stopgap jacket i've managed to obtain a new one, additionally size 48 is simply too large for me. It had some light use last winter - 12-15 wears in total. Condition: condition is excellent, there...
  2. A

    Eastman Leather Mitchell Camo Combat Parka 44 reversible, New

    I bought this Parka from oversees. It didn’t fit and I can’t return it. It is brand new and never been worn. Sells on the Eastman Leather website for £375 plus £30 shipping which is roughly $515 USD right now. Asking $400 ppff which includes shipping to continental USA. Attaching photos from...
  3. ordounion

    FS: Eastman Leather ELMC Californian Half Belt Size 38

    Hello, I would like to sell this gorgeous jacket; Eastman Leather ELMC Californian size 38. Measurements: length 64 cm pit to pit 52 cm shoulder 46 cm sleeve 64 cm veg-tanned italian horsehide, waldes ballchain front pocket zipper, talon fastener, lining 100% rayon, half belt 40's model used...
  4. S

    Eastman Leather Ostmann jacket 42

    Lovely Ostmann German Flying Jacket size 42 . Pit to pit -24 Inches Shoulder to cuff 24.5 inches Shoulder to Shoulder 20 inches Back Seam to waist 24.5 inches Waist zipped up 20inches Only tried on in house Comes with box and letter etc 650 GBP Plus shipping
  5. S

    Eastman leather .R.A.F 1940 PATTERN

    https://www.eastmanleather.com/british-flight-jackets/157-raf-1940-pattern-battle-of-britain.html For sale Lovely Flying by Eastman leather. Size 46 PTP 24 Shoulder to Shed 21-22 Please bear in mind the wool lining for sizing . Im a 44 chest and it fit me with spare I had a 44 similar from...
  6. BotanPhotography

    Eastman A2 Help!

    Hey guys! I'm looking into buying an Eastman A2, I've narrowed it down to the Eastman edition, the Rough Wear 27752, or the Monarch MFG 23378. I'm not very well versed in the A2 repro world, so I'm not quite sure what the differences between these models are, please enlighten me!

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