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  1. D

    FS - Clinch * SS Black horsebutt engineers, Original CN last, US 9.5

    Selling my brand new Clinch * SS Black horsebutt engineers, Original CN last, US 9.5/Clinch 10.5. Please note these are on the original CN last. I have many Clinch engineers and these were an impulse buy. Selling them as I don't see myself wearing them often if at all owing to my large engineer...
  2. Landof19

    FOR SALE: Clinch Black Overdyed Horsebutt Engineer Boots - Size 9.5 US/10.5 Clinch

    Selling my 11" Clinch Black overdyed horsebutt engineers. I purchased these boots from Grailed on December 14th, and never wore them so I am willing to let them go for $1,700, which is what I paid. I will cover shipping within the US. These boots arrived to me just two days ago, on 12/24/2021...
  3. Bootsndenim_France

    Wesco Mister Lou Brown Horsehide : one month review

    One month ago, I received my pair of Mr Lou Engineer boots ordered on IronHeart Uk. 27 wears later and around 40km walked with them, time has come to make a quick review on these engineer boots and give my feeling about them. As I read several reviews before my purchase, I followed several...