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  1. VestCoast

    Aero Sheene- Fit Advice and Creative Guidance

    Hi everyone, I am new to the Fedora Lounge but have been combing through threads for a couple of months now and have finally decided to surface. A little bit about me— I just graduated from college in New England and am now employed in Austin Texas as a geologist. I have a longstanding...
  2. Anthony_Eden

    Suit waistcoat fit: to eat or not to eat...

    Dear fellow members, Today I have a pretty trivial or essential question on fit: what is the proper fit of a well tailored waistcoat (part of a 3-pieces suit) in the 20-30's with beautiful waist supression? I am no newbie in this but I recently am hesitating between 2 measurements. (My suits...
  3. stephena310

    sizing ?

    I am new here, so I will apologize in advance if I am asking a silly question or asking a quesiton in a incorrect way, as I am a total "newbie" to hats....... As we may all know, "agism" seems to run rampant in our society, and as we grow older, often those great looking "gray streaks, start...

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