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Familiar Face
Hi everyone,

I snagged this McCoy's N-1 after the Buzz Rickson ended up not being a fit for me because the armholes were too small. I loved that Buzz Rickson and actually liked its shell fabric better than the McCoy's, so I'm a tad bit sad it didn't work out. That's not a knock on the McCoy's, because this a fantastically constructed and amazing jacket in its own right. It's very comfortable, which ended up being the missing piece for me with the BR.

This N-1 is a size 38, which is technically the same size as my Khaki model, but there are some slight differences; namely, the shoulders are about an inch wider but the rest of jacket's measurements are a tad trimmer (shorter sleeves, length, chest). The shoulders weirded me out a bit at first, but I personally think this is a solid fit. I don't even think I need to shorten the sleeves on this one.

What does everyone think? Good fit?

PS: I also picked up a vintage A2 (h/t @CatsCan ). I'll post those pics later as soon as I can.


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One Too Many
Nice jacket.

Did you buy it so that you could wear a layer underneath? I only ask, because I’d be curious to see what one size down would look like on you.


Familiar Face
Nice jacket.

Did you buy it so that you could wear a layer underneath? I only ask, because I’d be curious to see what one size down would look like on you.
I thought about sizing down since the measurements between a size 36 and 38 aren't extreme. However, I didn't see any size 36 models available at the time. I also think the 36 may have presented similar issues to the Buzz Rickson I originally purchased before the McCoy's. It looked pretty "stylish," but it was slightly small, especially in the armholes. I almost kept it but came to realize that the armhole issue was going to bug me.

I know it's difficult to tell from the photos above, but it went down a size, the chest would be too tight, especially if I layered (sweater/sweatshirt/flannel).

Lastly, Standard and Strange, Rivet and Hide, and tailor I went to shorten the sleeves on my Khaki version all said sizing down would be a mistake.

If I have the opportunity to try one in person, I certainly will. But I'm happy with this one for now. I'll try to write up a brief review once it breaks in a bit!


Familiar Face
You wear it well @NE202DC:)

I have and IH N1 and thought I wanted to layer under it but as it turns out I’ve never had to, the thing is so warm lol.
Thank you! I'm very much looking forward to wearing it out in the wild.

I had the IH N-1 for a brief moment. Fantastic jacket, but I already had a McCoy's in the same color and ended up returning it. I may try to pick up a black IH sometime in the future (Although the Freenote Mariner in black also caught my eye. I'm going to beed a raise at work ha). The IH design does offer a more modern fit, IMO, and I really did like the lining they put in their pockets. Enjoy yours as well!

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