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fit pics

  1. N

    Fit Check: Real McCoy's N-1 Deck Jacket (Navy)

    Hi everyone, I snagged this McCoy's N-1 after the Buzz Rickson ended up not being a fit for me because the armholes were too small. I loved that Buzz Rickson and actually liked its shell fabric better than the McCoy's, so I'm a tad bit sad it didn't work out. That's not a knock on the McCoy's...
  2. C

    Aero Half Belt deluxe fit check

    All, as the title says, last fit check on a Half belt deluxe. Size is a 40 and due to my lumpy potato sack/semi pear shaped torso, their will be some adjustments made. Wearing a t shirt plus a button down shirt during the fit pics. Lower section will be bumped up a size (note in the fit pics...
  3. K

    New Thedi Memphis- Fit Check!

    This Forum led me into the light on a prior lambskin Schott Perfecto purchase last year- I am hoping y'all can help me out again. I finally went ahead and nabbed a Thedi after coveting one forever, Carrie at Thurston Bros was great. It is a stock jacket, Small, so looking for a fit check here as...
  4. LordOfLeather

    Vanson Chopper Fit Pics

    I just picked up this Vanson Chopper on eBay for a reasonable price. I’m quite happy with the fit and thought I’d share some pictures. I’m including fit pics with my shirt tucked (to see where the jacket falls on my pants) and untucked (how I actually wear it). This is the Thurston Bros...

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