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fit check

  1. K

    New Thedi Memphis- Fit Check!

    This Forum led me into the light on a prior lambskin Schott Perfecto purchase last year- I am hoping y'all can help me out again. I finally went ahead and nabbed a Thedi after coveting one forever, Carrie at Thurston Bros was great. It is a stock jacket, Small, so looking for a fit check here as...
  2. C

    The Real McCoy’s 30S Nelson Fit

    Hello everyone. I recently ordered the Nelson from Real McCoy’s and was wondering if the jacket looks too big on me. I am 5’7”, slim, and have a 35” chest. The jacket is a size 36. Depending on the brand, I’m either a 34 or 36. The Nelson’s smallest size is a 36, so I went with that since 34...
  3. L

    Fit check on my first leather jacket

    I just got myself a schott 118 perfecto jacket which I've wanted for some time, but I wasn't sure whether the fit is right or not. I've not owned any leather jackets before, so I'm unsure as to how it should fit prior to being broken in. The jacket is snug to put on, and snug in the chest but...
  4. Z

    Looking for fit check on Aero cafe racer

    Hi everyone. I purchased an Aero jacket in the most recent sale and was hoping to get some fit feedback. This is my first real non-fast fashion leather jacket I’ve ever owned, so I’m not familiar with fit outside of them typically looking like overstylized leather cling wrap. I’m a pretty...
  5. E

    Fit check Aero Premier Highwayman

    Aero Premier Highwayman in black CXL fqhh with zipped sleeves. Brass hardware. Bought from the Aero's sale section in order to mainly use as a "fit jacket". How would you improve the fit? I am thinking of adding an inch or so to the sleeves and - maybe - pulling in the waist section a bit. I am...