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flat cap

  1. W

    Sewing an 8-dart 1930s Flat Cap

    After making several skipper caps, I've decided to sew a 1920s/30s style 8 dart flat cap, and am currently drafting the pattern. I know the diameter of the cap is roughly 10.5 inches, but I'm unsure of the height of the cap. This is essentially the measurement from the bottom of the cap to the...
  2. ClassicGuy

    Long Oval Issues

    I'm a hat lover in general and a cap lover in particular, but I'm also, sadly, a rather severe long oval. During my baseball cap days, I wore a size 7 1/2, but that won't work for me with a flat cap, at least in the forehead, which always gives me problem. Anyone have any advice for serious long...
  3. S

    WTB: Lock & Co Indie Suede Newsboy

    Looking for a Lock & Co. Indie Suede newsboy cap. Size 61 or 62 preferably. I actually already have one but it has been in use daily for almost 4 years now. Looking for a backup for future use ;). I have spent many hours with no luck trying to locate any left over stock (2016 release I...
  4. Dm101

    For those into the amish style hats...a link!!

    ...I found an amish hattery that has an online store! I plan to buy one of there telescope crown hats after the new year. Shoot...do they celebrate christmas? I might order it tonight...lol. Little bit of christmas doghous-ery.... Oh, here's the link...in case you would like to get in trouble...
  5. VintageEveryday

    Flat Caps?

    Looking for an off the rack hat in this style. Trying to avoid bespoke. Anybody know of any retailers?