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Dec 10, 2018 at 6:56 AM
Nov 15, 2013
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One Too Many, from Illinois

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Dec 10, 2018 at 6:56 AM
    1. Logician
      I had already ordered a (black) Suburban a few years back and have 2 other pre-owned Suburban (a green one, and a brown one with a wool lining). I posted some pics of them. I’ve just ordered a brown (full bore) Test with brass hardware, as you well know. Thanks again Terry for your help. It is really appreciated.
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      2. tmitchell59
        thanks for the Thanks! My Test is as a go-to jacket as I own. I hesitate to take most of the others out in rain. The LW doesn' shy away. Keep watching. I've got a ton more stuff do do with my vintage jackets. Some nice old HH police jackets, other civilian stuff from the 30s. Post up your LW Test. Terry
        Mar 7, 2018
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    2. Logician
      Hi Terry,
      I’d like to take the time to thank you for your videos on the LW Test jacket you’ve posted on YouTube. I’ve watched each and every one of them last spring and finally decided to order a black one (the "full bore" as you call it). Despite the fact that the lining was dark brown instead of black and that the main zipper was a C&C (the pull seems much smaller) instead of a Talon, I like the jacket very much.
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    3. jonesy86
      HI Terry
      I would like to purchase this jacket. Its a beauty.
    4. Hiltz390GT
      Hey there! I'm on the hunt for a walter dyer cafe racer, but before I buy one I'm trying to find as many pics as I can of them. From reading the forums I understand that you either own, or have owned one. Would you mind sending me any pics you may have of it? I'd be very grateful!
      1. tmitchell59
        I will look for the Walter Dyer pics. I sold it some time ago. It was a nice jacket. I've been tempted by other Dyer jackets, but haven't bought one. Terry
        Jan 27, 2017
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      2. Hiltz390GT
        Thanks a ton! Any pics are hugely appreciated. You know how it goes, you think it looks great on the website, but then you buy it, and it looks totally different being worn.
        Jan 28, 2017
    5. Fonzie
      Hi there, is the Brooks Sportswear Steerhide Cafe Racer still available? If so, would you ship internationally? Cheers. ( I hope this is a private message, sorry if not, haven't poested in a while...)
      1. SJC
        I own it, and I am not selling it internationally.
        Sep 30, 2016
    6. Dickie Teenie
      Dickie Teenie
      I might be interested in selling. It's a size. 42 or 43
      I'll send measurements but it's the wife's birthday gotta go.
      Thinking about cancelling my planned DD order which i haven't paid for and getting a Himel but man those $$$$.
      I'd like to get $800 for mine. Think I paid $1200 or $1250 or so.
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