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himel brothers

  1. M

    Looking for Himel Bros Jackets in size 44

    Hi All, I'm interested in Himel Brothers Jackets in size 44 particularly in the makes of the Avro, Chevalier or Kensington. Let me know what you've got! Thanks!
  2. yorch

    Fit check - custom moosehide Himel A1

    Friends, I recently received a custom A1 in moosehide from Himel after a long wait (+6 months). I must say that the moosehide is something else, the look and feel of the texture is like nothing I've seen/felt before, unlike deerskin is buttery soft, yet it feels sturdy. I have been wanting an...
  3. Ole K. Vik

    My collection so far... What's next?

    Just thought I would share my leather jacket collection so far... The weather was so nice today so I had a little photo session in my garden. 1. Himel Brothers Wolverine 2. Rainbow Country Sports Jacket 3. The Flat Head Delraiser 4. Fine Creek Leathers Eric 5. Eastman Leather Clothing A-1...
  4. Ole K. Vik

    Show me your Himel Bros Wolverine...

    Gentlemen! Please show me your Wolverine... I am looking into getting my hands on the beautiful Himel Brothers Wolverine jacket, either used or new. Just love the playful, rebellious, yet tasteful style! If you have one, please share your story and some wear pictures!
  5. MemphisBlues

    Himel Score Jacket

    Anyone familiar with this jacket? If not, it's kind of a Buco J-100's oddball variety with an off-center side-zip, more of a leather shirt than a jacket. I know it was originally inspired by Score Sportswear out of Canada and, if I recall correctly, there is a picture included in Rin Tanaka's...
  6. AMan

    FS: Himel Bros Heron (Bison) A-1/Cossack-style Leather Jacket; Size 42-44; Dark Brown Goatskin

    For sale is a Himel Brothers Bison Leather Jacket in dark brown goatskin. This jacket is a Himel Heron with a slightly smaller collar and smaller pockets, which is true to the way these jackets actually were in the 1920s and 1930s. (See the Levi's Einstein jacket for another example.) Tag size...
  7. BowsTrading

    For Sale: NEW Himel Brothers Shinki Horsehide Heron sz 40

    Hey all, Selling my brand new Himel brothers heron jacket in a size 40 made from brown shinki horsehide. asking 1800 but open to reasonable offers. original retail was $2,800. Measurements and details below Measurements: p2p: 22 shoulder: 17.5 front length from top button: 22.25 sleeve: 24.75...

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