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    What era is this schott label ?

    Hi guys, would anyone be kind enough to tell me more or less the era of this Schott label ? Because I saw that very similar but not identical has changed over the years... and I can't understand if we are talking about the 70's, 80's or 90's?

    Brooks Gold Label Cross-Zip!

    Hi everyone, sale beautiful Brooks Cross-Zip, Gold Label !! in Excellent condition! Shiny Leather, Rich Hide Grain! as shown in the photo! perfect zips original "Talon", lining in excellent condition. I'm honest, I love this jacket too much! and I deprive myself of it just because unfortunately...
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    Can anybody help me? to identify this label?

    Of course I see I didn't post them in order.... It is a cloth label folded over.
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    F.S: Black Aero Highwayman Steerhide Jacket Size 38 Airmen with Propeller label

    Hi, Lovely black Aero Steerhide Highwayman Jacket which I unfortunately bought to small. Size 38, thickest leather I've ever seen, with a lovely grain and the patina developing nicely. It has the "Airmen with Propeller" Label, which means the jacket dates to about the jear 2000----> (Correct...