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leather jackets

  1. ClaytonMoore

    Bill Kelso Indy Jackets ?

    I'm new to the forum, so here's my first thread, Does anybody have any experience with Bill Kelso's various Indy jackets ? They seem to be priced far lower than any of the other jackets Bill offers. Are they better or worse than Wested Indy jackets ...
  2. K

    WTS/Trade Vintage Real McCoy Type D-1 Jacket

    Selling a rare Real McCoy's Type D-1 Jacket. The jacket is still in great condition. The tag said that it's size Medium if you ask me it fit like around size 40 to 42. Across shoulders 47cm Pit to pit 55cm Back length 64cm Arm length 64cm Feel free to shoot me DM I also accept trade with...
  3. U

    What will black leather look like when distressed and worn in?

    I know that brown leather usually turns slightly lighter, but black leather? What color does it change into? Brownish? Greyish?

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