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  1. TartuWolf

    Aero leather choices/options (End of 2022)

    Hey folks, I am creating this thread for two reasons: 1 . INFO - On the off chance that I'm not the only fool who kept looking for info about different Aero leathers and didn't know that Aero themselves have a lot of information about each (slightly) hidden in their own website, I wanted to put...
  2. L

    Thoughts on Shangri-La leather jackets?

    Been looking at this: https://bombinate.com/product/1781411324555706650?gclid=Cj0KCQiAubmPBhCyARIsAJWNpiPqmaTisiA0yGkapIXesqtx9k87_FbzUmm6DA0ek1ABPR9oAl9wejUaAjhSEALw_wcB But can't seem to find much about them online, anyone have any experience with them? How do they hold up to similar priced...
  3. Geekrobot

    FS: Lewis Leathers Sportsman Cafe Racer Leather Jacket Blue with Yellow Stripes- sz 36

    Lewis Leathers Sportsman Blue and Yellow Striped Size: US XS / EU 42 / 0 Color: Blue Condition: Gently used $750 OBO Hello, Up for sale is my Lewis Leathers Aviakit Sportsmans leather motorcycle jacket. This is a center-zip symmetrical single riders jacket in a beautiful blue cowhide, with a...

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