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  1. B

    FS: Buzz Rickson MA-1 In Blazing Red in Medium

    Greetings. Here is the Buzz Rickson Ma-1 in 'Blazing Red' This version of the jacket really pops in real life, and I used flash in a few photos to show it's particular sheen. This isn't any 'fashion' colored jacket, this is a real deal holy field repro of the Northrop Aviation test pilots...
  2. C

    FS: Buzz Rickson's William Gibson MA-1 Jacket - Size 40 Long

    I bought this jacket pre-owned, but it looked completely unworn when I received it. Sadly, I find it fits me just a bit too small, so I'm looking to sell it. I'm based in the US. Looking for about $375. Let me know if you have any questions. Please see the garment measurements I took below...
  3. E


    I bought this jacket second hand. It's my dream jacket, but sadly I didn't read up on the sizing properly before buying and it is too small for me. As far as I can tell it's in great condition, but I'm not an expert. I'm not giving up, the price of this jacket will go towards buying the same...
  4. V

    Help me date this MA-1 jacket please!

    Hello! I am in need of help from all the MA-1 experts in this forum. I have tried to figure out the date of this piece myself but my limited knowledge can only get me so far. This is a repro right? I appreciate all the help I can get :) please tell me if I need to attach more photos!
  5. F

    For Sale: The Real McCoy's Type MA-1, and Buzz Rickson B-15C (Mod.); New with Tags

    Have a couple nylon jackets I'm trying to get rid of. They both have less than 30 minutes of wear and I would consider them brand new. $21.50 flat rate shipping in the U.S., but I can also see how much shipping is internationally. Offers are welcome of course. RMC MA-1, size S; listing for...
  6. 7

    Vintage MA-1 jacket: genuine Alpha Industries or fake?

    Hello there! Thanks to admins/mods for accepting my account. I've browsed through this and similar forums before and learned that vintage, military-produced MA-1 jackets are tagged with a USAF code Mil-J-XXXXX (I mostly learned from this guide here). I recently grabbed a vintage MA-1 jacket...
  7. hodgeko

    1962 Skyline Clothing Corp. MA-1

    Hi, guys, I just thought I'd share my latest acquisition with you. Just took delivery on this super clean 1962 MA-1 from Skyline Clothing Corporation and I'm very excited! This thing is in great shape. Really beautiful. Maybe a total of 3 little nips on the knits, a couple of spots on the nylon...
  8. Golshy

    FOR SALE: Buzz Rickson x William Gibson MA-1 Size 40 Regular

    Hiya everyone! I'm selling my black MA-1 Jacket made by Buzz Rickson in collaboration with William Gibson. I purchased it about a month ago but have never worn it out, only tried it on at home. It's in excellent condition due to this as you'd expect. Feel free to check out the photos...
  9. Solo

    Suede Bomber Jacket PRL in Large

    For sale is a beautiful bomber suede jacket made by Polo Ralph Lauren. This jacket is made of very high quality suede in heavy weight. It is in excellent condition and will last a lifetime. The color is beautiful olive brown with tartan lining that really goes well with different outfit...
  10. A

    Valley Apparel LLC CWU 45P Nomex and Nylon and MA-1

    Hello everyone. Although I like and collect some apparel form the different branches of the U.S. armed forces, I am a rookie in the world of the flight jackets. My story with the flight jacket started when I was young and I bought a Alpha Industries CWU 45P in navy blue. The model was a US made...

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