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  1. H

    Aero Leather B-7 Jacket for Sale

    Only worn once Aero Leather B-7 "arctic issue" Jacket Size 38 in Redskin w/Dark Seal Vicenza trim $900 Buyer pays shipping to USA only Pit to Pit: 22” Sleeve: 23.75” Back: 30.5” Shoulder: 19” Hem: 23.5” Owner is 5'6'' with 30'' waist and 38'' chest
  2. N

    New MIE Dr. Marten's 1460 Horween CXL #8 US 11 uk 10 boots

    New with box Made in England Horween Chromexcel #8 burgundy 1460s. Box is a bit beat up from storage but the boots are perfect. These are pretty rare and about as overbuilt and durable as Dr. Martens can get. Quality is great and the leather thick and will break in/patina amazingly. Retail is...
  3. K

    Buzz Rickson USAAF wool flight jacket L

    Selling my Buzz Rickson wool flight jacket. In as new condition. Beautifully crafted piece. Chasing $150USD Shipping to be discussed with buyer. Paypal FF
  4. K

    Rare Soviet era Shevretka flight jacket 'medium'

    Selling my Soviet Shevretka flight jacket in I believe Goatskin. Apparently KGB members also wore this jacket! In excellent condition with fabric label still attached, which is rare to find. Lining is in great condition with no tears. Looking for $350 ono Shipping to be discussed with...
  5. V

    Help me date this MA-1 jacket please!

    Hello! I am in need of help from all the MA-1 experts in this forum. I have tried to figure out the date of this piece myself but my limited knowledge can only get me so far. This is a repro right? I appreciate all the help I can get :) please tell me if I need to attach more photos!
  6. Chicken Kiev


    Hello there, Long time lurker, first time poster.... I imported this from TOYO Entrerprise in Japan, as I couldn't find anyone that sold this longer version, and I've been after one for quite some time. Turns out that I should have researched it more (even more than I did!), as the sizing with...
  7. 7

    Vintage MA-1 jacket: genuine Alpha Industries or fake?

    Hello there! Thanks to admins/mods for accepting my account. I've browsed through this and similar forums before and learned that vintage, military-produced MA-1 jackets are tagged with a USAF code Mil-J-XXXXX (I mostly learned from this guide here). I recently grabbed a vintage MA-1 jacket...
  8. K

    Aero Leather A2 Real Deal Jacket in Russet Jerky - Size 36

    Aero A2 Real Deal jacket in russet jerky, selling as I'm not wearing it too much and it's a shame for it to stay in the closet. It's been looked after quite well (mainly due to aforementioned lack of wear). Back - 24 inches Sleeves 24 inches Chest - 36 inches Mustard lining, seal brown knits...
  9. D

    Aero Leather Jacket M422a G1 size 42 fits like 40 Extra thick Goathide Thurston

    For sale is this Aero M422a size 42 which fits a little more like a size 40. Measurements are Waist: 20". Chest: 22". Sleeve length: 25, Shoulders: 19.25". Back Length: 26". Made by Greg (at Aero Leather) of extra thick goat-hide by special request. The inside is heavy cotton drill as opposed to...
  10. Kenneth Lawson

    Etsy Vintage Watches.

    Today I did a search for vintage watches on Esty. What I'm finding beside a number of brands I've never heard of, is it seems to me a LOT of "Vintage Russian Watches," Ie; Supposedly Vintage Russian Military watches, mostly aviator style watches. Brands include Poljot, Rodina, Pobeda, and...
  11. kliffjumper123

    Looking for an A-2 (Help)

    Hello all, I'm somewhat new to the whole leather jacket and flight jacket world and subsequently need some help. I currently own a Cooper/US Wings Flying Tigers commemorative jacket in Seal Brown. What I'm looking for is a lighter shade, not necessarily a Russet but more of a ww2 coloration in...

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