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mister lou

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    FS Wesco Mister Lou 10.5E Natural CXL

    Catch and release - wrong size for me Wesco Mister Lou Size 10.5E Natural CXL very little wear, can see by soles 450usd
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    Wesco Mister Lou Engineer Boots Size 12E Black CXL Steerhide

    I am regretfully listing these boots as I've come to realize that they simply don't fit my feet. I bought these Wesco Mister Lous from Iron Heart UK in October 2021. Originally, they were brown CXL but I overdyed them black using Fiebings leather dye. If you look closely you can see some brown...
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    FS: Wesco Mister Lou US 11.5D Engineer Boot 10” Maryam Horsehide Black

    Hi folks, I have just listed for sale a nearly new pair of Wesco Mister Lou US 11.5D on eBay, link here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/335199440914 Unfortunately they are 0.5 size too small for me, so I need to shift them on so I can secure myself a 12D replacement. They have never been worn...
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    Wesco Mister Lou 11E Horsehide

    Catch and release, wrong size for me by just the smallest bit. Mister Lou in black horsehide 11E (fits very close to 11D redwing IR) slightly more toe volume feels like Very low wears, maybe a dozen times and mostly in the car. Black horsehide 650 USD shipped.

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