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  1. Jesse John

    FS: 40s/50s Stetson Nutria 1/8-1/4

    Hello all, for sale are 2 black Stetson nutria hats. Please see the details below and please contact me if you have any interest. I love these hats but don’t wear them much. Asking $350 per hat + shipping Hat 1 3” brim with pencil roll About 5.5” crown Tagged 1/4 Opening measures 7.75 x...
  2. steur

    FS Tirard nutria size 60

    Tirard Ragondia in black. Size 60 with the overwelt brim at 5,5cm and the crown at 11cm at the center dent. Ragondia, or nutria to you and me, was Tirards' highest priced felt, even higher than beaver. The quality of it shows in this hat: the hand of the felt is fantastic. Asking $50 for the...
  3. E

    Nutria Vs Beaver for Western hat

    Hi, I'm currently in the talks with a member on here about creating a fully western rugged hat. My only question is whether or not to go with 100% beaver, offered by the millinery warehouse in 210g western weight, or 100% coypu (nutria) offered by sunrise hat supplies in 220g western weight.
  4. steur

    FS Barbisio homburg nutria size 7 5/8

    Barbisio Rat Gondin (nutria). Size 61 (or 7 punti) with the brim at 7cm and the crown at 12cm at the center dent. Colour is called "Tanaro". Fantastic quality hat, which is hard to find especially in this size. Full disclosure: at one point in its life the hat was hit by a small ember (I think)...

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