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  1. D

    Vintage Pendleton Spider Rock Shawl

    Vintage Pendleton Spider Rock Shawl Asking Price $300.00 USD The item of sartorial item listed is a shawl wrap in mint as new condition from classic American weaver and trader Pendleton in their Spider Rock pattern of acrylic/ merino wool in a double knit jacquard weave. Measurements: 70 x...
  2. WorldOfPlaid

    Help Identifying Pendleton House Coat

    Hello all! I'm wondering if there is any information out there about this coat. The tag has no size or wool mark, so I'm guessing that this is 50s vintage, but that's just a guess. The buttons have the Hessian eagle on them and the motto "Spes Nostra Es Deus" which translates to "God is our...
  3. E

    Pendleton blanket date / ID

    HI, I live in England so don’t know much about these so would appreciate any help. I just bought this lovely small old Pendleton beaver state blanket, can anyone date it and I.D. Its type for me please? Many thanks, Eddy :-)
  4. Hercule

    The International Wool Felt Consortium

    Anybody out there prefer wool-felt hats to fur-felt? Do tell!

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