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  1. Hats Matter

    New Member to the Hat Forum

    I have been following this forum for several years and finally decided to join. I enjoy looking at the new and vintage hats and have learned a great deal. I started purchasing hats after my dermatologist recommended I cover my balding pate after a first bout of skin cancer. I have always...
  2. Tukwila

    Penman Everyman Granite (Non-Indy) 7-1/2

    SOLD This is the non-Indy production/factory hat John Penman offers for $250. I love the granite color, but the size is just too big for me. The felt is a 50/50 rabbit/beaver blend. The hat is tagged 7-5/8. The 7-1/2 was too small for me, and this one is too big. My hat size runs between...
  3. FedOregon

    The Penman, Dark Moss, 23", 6 point diamond crease beauty

    I am going through my hats and thinning a few out that see little head time. I bought this John Penman, "The Penman," last year 2nd hand from another FL member. I knew it was a tad small and hoped to have it reblocked, etc, but just haven't ended up going that way and wear it only occasionally...

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