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raw denim

  1. C

    Iron Heart 526J-142 Indigo/Black - Size 34

    Lightly used and in great condition. See photos for measurements. Photos don’t really do it justice, but this jacket is a beautiful dark indigo. Made in 14oz denim. $300 USD, includes shipping.
  2. Tyler Durden

    Iron Heart Type II jacket - 44 / 666s - 38

    Jacket has 1 cold soak, not yet broken in. asking: $350 666s - 38 asking $275.00 $20.00 shipping conus.
  3. Bahabp100

    First soak Levi’s 501 raw rigid 0000

    Here is a picture of my new Levi’s 501 rigid 0000 by the book soaking and wearing and they dried like this . I’m pretty happy so far
  4. odub

    BEST JEANS EVER? (Redux) Hartford Denim/Palmer Trading Raw Selvedge 1930s-style jeans FREE REPAIRS

    I bought these from our illustrious Tweedydon a few weeks back but alas, I was too hasty and bought the wrong size for my body. I have his blessing to relist for anyone who's still interested and I'm selling these at the same cost I paid. The upside is that I did more research into the...

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