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  1. S

    Looking for Moto Style brown leather jacket recommendations

    Hi friends! I'm new to leather jackets (I only own one black "mall-jacket") and am looking to pick up a brown/dark-brown leather jacket. I really like the "Moto" style that is similar to a cafe racer but with a more traditional collar (Aero calls it the highwayman collar). My budget is in the...
  2. Y

    Looking for my first leather jacket

    Hi, it's been a while I have worn or bought a leather jacket. Recently came across our legacy leather jacket, and I love the simplicity and the crop fit of the jacket. I was wondering if I could find any makers that could offer a minimalist look and the possibility of a custom jacket...
  3. Creeping Past

    Guide for first fedora/hat

    I'm feeling my way slowly with hats, as they are still a mysterious subject for me. I've taken to wearing a beret over the past couple of years, which has worked out fine. Last summer I tried a panama and liked it so much that I got a cheap okayish quality brown trilby for the autumn. And I like...

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