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schott 184

  1. J

    I was not warned... and I love it!

    So after getting my Eastman A2 slender some weeks ago (which I love!), the addiction is real. Nobody warned me about what would happen after I bought my first A2, but I already have a second jacket (Schott) inbound (see pictures, I found a G1-style in good condition online for 450 bucks, I think...
  2. Bahabp100

    FS SCHOTT 184 SM size 50 Naked Cowhide mid to late 1980s Nice

    FS SCHOTT 184 SM size 50 Naked Cowhide mid to late 1980s with Very soft hand, this naked leather feels great . Used but not abused. For sale at $120 includes priority shipping in USA dispatched the very same day direct to your door. Good to Very good condition with No rips, tears, holes...
  3. Bahabp100

    Posted a bunch of SCHOTT and Branded Garments jackets on EBAY cheap .

    https://ebay.com/usr/thecdexchange that’s a link to my seller account . Jackets Listed now include several SCHOTT, several Branded Garments and some Levi’s (denim not leather) an some randos, for really low prices. If you have any interest you can bid or let me know and I can close the...
  4. Bobby Schneider

    FS Schott 645 Size M & 184SM Size 40

    Hello amigos, For your consideration I have this 2 schott jackets: Schott 645 Size M asking $325 shipping includes CONUS Chest 21 Shoulder 17 3/4 Sleeve 25 (exterior) Back length 30 Schott 184SM Size 40 asking $125 shipping included CONUS Chest 23 1/2 Shoulder 19 1/2 Back length 24 Sleeve...

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