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schott perfecto leather jacket

  1. P

    Trade Perfecto’s?

    I have an amazing condition 1991 618 size 40. I’m looking to trade it for a similar condition 618 possibly 118 in size 38.
  2. Pubstout

    Need help deciding on a Schott!

    Years ago I had a 613 and I found it to be a solid winter jacket but just too stinking hot in the summer. Traded that for a HH Schott, wish I could remember the model number as it reminded me of the Aero bootlegger but with fancy silver button snaps. The HH was really thin and just plain too...
  3. azepeda3

    Schott 141 Classic Racer Leather Jacket (Size 42)

    Hi all, Selling ($375) or trading my Schott 141. The leather is perfect and all hardware works just fine. There are no scratches or tears. I don't have the zip out liner, but Schott can make a new one for $80. The jacket was made in 1998. I've lost some weight, so I am looking for a black 654...
  4. Phillips88

    New Schott 618 Horsehide!!! Questions....

    Hey guys I just received a new Schott Perfecto 618 horsehide in the mail last week. This is my second Schott but the first jacket iv ever had in horse. So far I'm pretty impressed, its definitely a different beast compared to my naked cowhide 141 iv had for some time but of course I was...
  5. Motorhead82

    VTG British biker leathers made of sheephide. why?

    Years ago i bought a 70s Lewis Lightning. I had wanted one for years but was slightly disappointed by the hide. The design itself was great but the hide seemed too light and flimsy. My tailor told me it was sheephide but i didn't believe him. I assumed, for the cost they would use something at...
  6. D

    How much of a difference from 38-40? (Schott Perfecto)

    Closing in on a used size 40 schott perfecto on ebay. the description says its between a 38 and a 40 i was curious how big of a deal it would be if i was a size 38 and bought a 40?