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stetson open road

  1. travelinmason

    First Post: Stetson Open Road Question

    Hello, I'm brand new to the forum and this is my first post. I suppose I'm like everyone here and I have a high degree of appreciation for the art and function of hats. My question for the board is: I have a 6X Stetson Open Road and I am thinking about putting a slight cowboy shape in the...
  2. J

    Considering a Stetson Open Road, what pairs well with it?

    Hello! Longtime lurker here, first post. I’m relatively new to the world of classic mens’ hats (bought my first brimmed hat in 2016), but I always wore visors or baseball caps, dating back to early childhood. A self-described “old soul,” I’ve always had an appreciation for tradition and bringing...
  3. Jack Scorpion

    Hat Storage Advice

    Hi, finally I managed to sign up for this board. Anyway, I am not as hardcore as many of you guys, still a beginner. I have 8 hats, most quite cheap. My question is, how do you guys store your hats? I want to have my hats on display in a room, and all I can think of to accomplish this...

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