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  1. O

    WTB Resistol Wide Country, Stratoliner, Open Road 6 7/8

    Hey all, looking to see if anyone would be willing to part with something similar to an Open Road/Stratoliner style hat with a brim size between 2-2 1/2. The Resistol Wide Country fits the bill with a 2 1/4 brim. I have a 50s Open Road which I love but a narrower brim might look better seeings...
  2. Bruce Wayne

    Basics of cleaning....

    I have a light coulored hat with some soiling on it that a hatters sponge as well as a hatters eraser is not removing. What should i use & how should i use it? I have heard Naptha thrown around. How do i use that? thanx!!! Charlie
  3. A

    Open Crown Silverbelly Stratoliner FS, new with box, 7 1/4 $205

    Moving to Florida and so have two fur felt hats to sell. (Sticking with straw and the like for obvious reasons with one rabbit fur for cool weather travel.) Just received this thorough local AD about 8 weeks ago. Worn exactly once. It is open crown model, but had the AD steam in a tear drop...
  4. F

    My Year-End Hat Modifications

    In this thread, I will be posting my year-end hat modifications for basically my entire hat collection. If this thread needs to be moved, please do so. Armed with a glue gun, double-sided tape, hatbands from Panama Hats Direct, and a pocketknife, I have added new hatbands to most of my hats...
  5. JonGreen

    Stetson Stratoliner in London

    Hey all, Does anyone where any places in London that stocks Stetson Stratoliners? I am looking to get once but ideally want to try it one first. Really struggling to find anywhere at the moment. Thanks!
  6. Hurricane Jack

    FS: Vintage Airweight Stratoliner clone, 7-5/8

    FS: Vintage Airweight Stratoliner clone tagged size 7-5/8. Fits true to size. Unmarked by brand. Brent? Felt is soft & creases easily dry; hand is nice but not a kitten-type finish. Whiskey brown with copper ribbon & binding. 2-1/2" brim x 4-3/4" at front point. Unreeded sweat in pretty...
  7. P

    Cleaning spots, stains and soiling from felt hats

    Question about cleaning I have an older Biltmore felt fedora that has a few spots and I would like to clean it using a dry cleaning solvent, "Afta", which is recommended for cleaning clothing and furs. I plan to submerge the hat in solvent and let it air dry. My question is, what do I do...
  8. Seb

    Stetson / Lock & Co

    Hi , Im sebastien from France , Happy to have found that Website ,with a lot of informations , great hats lovers . So here is my hats Vintage Royal Stetson Stratoliner size 7 .very good condition Vintage Lock & Co Wetherby size 6 1/8 .very good condition here is the Stetson: and the...
  9. Zeppo

    WTB: 7 1/2 Royal Stetson Whippet or Stratoliner-like hat in Dark Brown. Not Afraid to Pay

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a clean 7 1/2 Stetson Whippet, or Stratoliner (or Stratoliner-ish vintage Stetson) in dark brown. Not afraid to pay, and am ready to buy! Thanks
  10. gtdean48

    The Stratoliner Appreciation Club {MODERN}

    HatCo Stetson Stratoliner I took my Caribou HatCo Stetson Stratoliner & used my Hat Shaper to take it to open crown by removing the liner, spraying it with distilled water & using a steam iron with a handkerchief between the felt & the iron... Top view... I went to a teardrop with...
  11. Lefty

    Ask a question, get an answer

    This seems to work on other sites, so I figure that it deserves a shot here. If you've got a quick hat question and don't see a thread for it, just post it here. Whether the question is about cleaning, anatomy of a hat, brands, etc., this is the place. Here's one to break the ice.

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