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tea core

  1. Momein

    FS: Bill Kelso Aeronaut Size 38

    For Sale Bill Kelso MFG H&L Block Aeronaut with rounded pockets Size 38 Spec: Leather Liberty Horsehide Black Teacore Lining Cotton Drill Dark Brown Zipper Nickel Hookless Repro D rings Metal Nickel Buttons Vegetable Ivory Fish-eye (wide) Dark Brown Cotton thread black except for the...
  2. K

    FS:Double Helix Tea Core Horsehide Cossack Jacket size 42

    Double Helix Tea Core Horsehide Cossack Jacket size 42. Very beautiful horsehide on this jacket with amazing grains. This guy appear to have a softer horsehide than most that I have handled. They are still in a great condition with minimum wears. Great alternative to Himel Heron A1 or BK Aronov...
  3. M

    Breaking in a Horween Schott Jacket P613S

    Hey there! Wanted to get some thoughts from the community on the break-in of a heavy horween jacket from Schott. Obviously since this is Horween leather feel free to reference your heavy Aero or whatever it may be. This is a HEAVY jacket, weighing in at around 10lbs for a size small (which I...

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