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  1. F

    Aero Teamster Issues and Questions

    Hello Everybody It has been a long time since I posted here about considering my first Aero jacket. 2016 to be precise. I'm coming up on 9 years of owning a teamster and I have questions that I'm hoping people can help me with. Notes about my jacket: - The jacket is an Aero Teamster in Dark...
  2. Jsparks49

    Aero leather horsehide teamster

    I’m redoing this post due to a misleading size on the sleeve length. I’m selling this wonderful teamster for roughly what I paid for it. Excellent fqhh (front quarter horsehide) Aeros excel lent Black that gives way to the brown underneath. Nice corduroy hand warmers, placket and wrist...
  3. D

    Looking for a black teamster in 44 in good condition

    Looking for a black Teamster from Aero in 44 in good condition. I would like to pay per PayPal :) Maybe there is a jacket which is looking for a new and friendly owner ... PS: dark seal would be also great
  4. F

    Consider Teamster for my first aero, have some questions.

    Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster here :) Here is the dilly. I’m looking at getting my first Aero Leather Jacket and was looking for a little input. The style I’ve settled on is the Teamster. I’m looking for a jacket that I can wear about 10 months of the year and is useable for work...

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