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  1. LordOfLeather

    Thedi Cafe Racer for Sale “large”

    Thedi cafe racer for sale in a beautiful 1.5mm veg-tanned cowhide. The color is really hard to capture. It’s a reddish brown, but definitely not burgundy or oxblood. I bought this less than a year ago on eBay and absolutely love it. However, I wanted a new jacket and something has to go, as...
  2. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    Green Leather Jackets

    Hello everyone, I hope you've all been well. Today I was on a trucker jacket thread, and I steamrolled the conversation and steered it toward green jackets (and then sheepskin jackets). My apologies to everyone involved. Anyway, it got me thinking about green leather jackets in general. What do...
  3. Dansvintage

    FS: Thedi Cossack shawl collar buffalo leather jacket

    Selling my lightly worn Thedi Cossack shawl collar jacket made from dark brown vegetable tanned Italian buffalo leather. It’s tagged with XL but fits like L: Shoulder 48,5 cm / 19 in Chest P2P 58 cm / 23 in Waist 53 cm / 21 in Opening 53 cm / 21 in Arms curved 67 cm / 27 in Arms straight 65 cm...
  4. K

    New Thedi Memphis- Fit Check!

    This Forum led me into the light on a prior lambskin Schott Perfecto purchase last year- I am hoping y'all can help me out again. I finally went ahead and nabbed a Thedi after coveting one forever, Carrie at Thurston Bros was great. It is a stock jacket, Small, so looking for a fit check here as...
  5. semolina_pilchard

    FS: Thedi Leather/Denim Jacket

    For sale is my leather/denim jacket by Thedi Leathers (https://thedi-leathers.com/product/canvas-jacket-mtcd-12898/). It has been a closet queen for me so I have now decided to let it go. It is in excellent condition. The leather is thick, grainy goat hide. It is a size XL that I bought off the...
  6. Ole K. Vik

    For Sale: Thedi Leathers Cafe Racer CCT-1260 olive deerskin

    I have decided to let this very special jacket go. I had this custom made in May -21 by Theodoros, Mister Thedi Leathers himself. Beautiful Thedi olive veg tanned deer leather, 1.2-1.4mm, cotton lining. Measurements: Shoulders: 18in P2P: 21.5in Arm: 25.5in Back: 24.75in I am 183cm and 84 kgs...
  7. P

    Black Thedi Custom Moto XL(really a 42) for sale $600.00

    Selling my black Custom Moto XL(really a 42) as I'm looking for a different type jacket. This jacket is made from front quarter horsehide and has been slightly warn(elbows are broken in a bit). Please see pics with measurements.
  8. B

    Help with a Thedi Jacket

    After a ton of research over the last few weeks, I’ve decided on a thedi jacket for a Cafe racer. Here is the jacket I’m eyeing https://thedi-leathers.com/product/mtc-127947/ . It’s pretty basic as far as a thedi goes, but I’m a minimalist, I only want to own 1 leather jacket, and it seems very...
  9. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    FS - Thedi Flight Jacket (Brand New)

    Hello Everyone, I posted about this brown/teacore/vegetable-tanned cowhide jacket (Thedi model MTC-1279406) back in September when I first received it from Thurston Brothers, so some of you may have seen it then. This was my dream leather jacket, and I think it's absolutely beautiful, but...
  10. Powerband

    Thedi Cafe Racer, Medium

    Solid leather jacket with the typical solid Thedi build. In great condition and still has plenty of breaking-in to do! Leather, liner and zippers are in great shape. Typical, superficial handling marks on the leather, no deep scratches and will age beautifully in years to come. Double robust...
  11. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    FS (possibly) - Brand New THEDI Aviator (Cowhide, Small)

    I honestly don't know what to make of the following situation. I recently purchased a custom Thedi jacket from Thurston Brothers, and went through the process of getting sized, choosing the details I wanted, and then waiting...and waiting...and waiting... And on Saturday, I finally received the...
  12. Christopher Randall

    Thedi Evander Crosszip XL Jacket

    Thedi Evander Crosszip Half Belt XL Brown Goatskin Leather Jacket new with tags. $925 shipped in conus
  13. torfjord

    Thedi leather MTC-D1279720

    This just arrived a couple of hours ago. I don’t even know what to say. Except maybe, everything I’ve been told about how awesome Thedi is, it’s true all of it. I ordered back at the end of March sometime, so about 70 days waiting. The ordering process was pretty smooth, I sent him my...
  14. LordOfLeather

    Review and Fit Pics of Custom Thedi Shearling Cafe Racer

    Background This winter I decided I wanted a shearling jacket for those coldest months of Michigan. I’ve never really been a fan of the traditional jacket styles typically made of shearling, so I began my search for something unique; perhaps a double-rider, as I’d seen the occasional...
  15. N

    Fit pics of my Thedi MTG-162707

    Started a thread last week on the arrival of my new Thedi jacket https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/my-thedi-jacket-mtg-162707-has-arrived.103405/ As it was extremely hot here down under, i had to wait for weather to cool down a bit to wear the jacket for some fit pics, As i am pretty much...
  16. N

    My Thedi Jacket - MTG-162707 has arrived

    My Thedi jacket has arrived , I ordered this late in June last year, and after some concerns with the delay in delivery and asking for advice here from fellow members in my last thread, i was assured that Thedi will and always delivers, and he did. He even threw in a leather belt as an apology...
  17. Marc mndt

    Thedi buffalo shawl collar L SOLD

    I'm selling this beautiful buffalo leather Thedi Shawl collar. These were sold at Harry Damson's Speedshop in Berlin for €1450. Size large. Pit to pit 22.25' Shoulder width 18.5' Back length 24.75' Sleeve length 25.5' Bottom hem width 20' Asking €650 net to me. PayPal f&f. Buyer pays actual...
  18. F


    I bought this beautiful SCHOTT PER 41 jacket directly from the NYC store in November and used twice(still squeaks!!!). One of the coolest Schott jacket, looks like a 70 year old jacket without liner rips, zipper issues and bad smell!!! SIZE IS XXL(see pictures for the actual measurements I...
  19. Marc mndt

    Thedi Leathers custom cross zip jacket review. #MTC-127915 in Brucuato Horsehide

    December last year I sold my Eastman Californian jacket to one of the Lounge members. It was too small for me so I decided to go buy a new one, one size up. I went to one of Eastman's stockist in France and tried a size 42 which was a perfect fit. Unfortunately, the brand-new jacket did not...
  20. B

    Thedi Horsehide Cafe Racer (~size 38 - 40), $400 Shipped

    Gorgeous jacket I got a few years back that I really love. It just fits a bit too trim for me now so I rarely reach for it. The horsehide is a nice medium thickness and not overly stiff, similar to vicenza, maybe slightly thinner. It's nicely broken in and the grain and creasing is fantastic...

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