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    How do you turn inside out the sleeves (slim) of a leather jacket?

    I have a used leather jacket that I want to turn the sleeves inside out for cleaning. I tried to do it (with the cuffs zipped up) but the sleeves are too slim and the leather is too tough. The cuffs have zippers that I can unzip but I'm afraid it might scratch the leather when trying to turn it...
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    Opinions on two Ebay Used Vanson & Schott leather Jackets

    Hey I am new to leather jackets and I want to make sure im getting a good deal on these two jackets. I can still cancel the orders. Vintage Vanson Heavy Leather Motor Cycle Jacket, Excellent Condition, Size 44 Schott NYC Iconic Perfecto jacket 618 BLK Size 46 Vintage SCHOTT Sportswear Brown...

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