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  1. F

    Antique Hatting Equipment Value

    Hello! I have several pieces of old hat making equipment. What would you value these pieces at monetarily? - The Hawkeye table top crown iron in working condition. - Gold Medal sandbagger with working heating element. - ASM 1107 clone with sweatband guide. Thanks everyone for your input...
  2. AlanC

    Ebay Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    As I know some of you can't resist cruising ebay for hats, I thought an ongoing thread where we can brag about a great deal, complain about skyrocketing prices or pointing out a rarity that was, sadly, not in your size but might be of interest to others **Fedora Lounge policy now permits the...
  3. G

    Help with a Panama please

    I’m a little new to the forum and have a few questions for ya’ll. I just picked up a nice older panama. Not vintage, but maybe 5-10 years old. Found it at a thrift store!! Doesn’t look like it was warn much. It has a few stains on the sweat band and was very dusty when I found it. Anyway, it...
  4. D00R

    Looking for hat information?

    Im not sure if its a Stetson Borsolino Selentino I was hoping this forum could help me find the hat im looking for.

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