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vietnam era

  1. J

    G1 vertical Usn windflap

    Hi folk, I recently bought a G1 jacket at good price, it has no label, zipper is Scovill, the collar is in dark brown mouton (probably synthetic), it has USN punched vertically on the windflap (U atop the S, and the S atop the N) it is not written as it is generally found: horizontally from...
  2. Flight Club

    FS: Field Jacket M65 painted Mac V Sog

    So i found this M65 Field Jacket at the bundle market in my town. Tag already faded out, but i had measure it and i think it was XS-reguler men size based on my M65 with Small-Reguler size that i had wear it for years. i guess the previous owner had an artistic talent.. It painted really...

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