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western hat

  1. Bruce Wayne

    The Trials and Tribulations of Hat Stiffener

    I broke out my Peters Brothers hemp straw Indy hats today & it was a little wonky form storage so I went to the hardware store & I bought a 1/2 pint of clear shellac & som denatured alcohol as well as a small spray bottle. I mixed up 8 ounces of shellac to 4 ounces of alcohol & it seems to have...
  2. 20220603_145753.jpg


    So made it?
  3. deadlyhandsome

    FREE Brown wool Catalena Hatters 7 3/8 western hat

    I recently bought this hat thinking it was fur felt but immediately upon touching it it became apparent that it’s wool. The hat is free to whoever wants it: just pay shipping. It will cost $17 or less to anywhere in the contiguous US.
  4. E

    Nutria Vs Beaver for Western hat

    Hi, I'm currently in the talks with a member on here about creating a fully western rugged hat. My only question is whether or not to go with 100% beaver, offered by the millinery warehouse in 210g western weight, or 100% coypu (nutria) offered by sunrise hat supplies in 220g western weight.
  5. deadlyhandsome

    Miller Fine Hats western size 7

    After holding onto it for a couple months I’ve decided to let this go as it’s far too small for me. It’s on eBay, but I’ll make Lounge members a deal if they want it outside of eBay. eBay auction has starting price of $100. The details on the hat can be found in the eBay listing...
  6. deadlyhandsome

    Miller Fine Hats western size 7


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