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  1. Spats McGee

    Help with {or identify} a hat please.....!

    This ebay auction is now closed, so I don't think this violates the No Live Auction Rule. Bartenders, if I'm wrong, please accept my apologies. I saw this hat on eBay and watched it until it closed. I know it's a Stetson fedora. Does it have a more precise model name than that? It's not...
  2. Jesse John

    Stetson Whippets 7 1/4

    For sale are two of my whippets from the 50s. Both are size 7 1/4. Both come with a Stetson box. Whippet 1: tan body, gold trim. Great condition with few minor stains and signs of wear. The ribbon needs a little stitch as the bow is slightly hanging off. No moth damage! Asking $350 plus...
  3. Zeppo

    WTB: 7 1/2 Royal Stetson Whippet or Stratoliner-like hat in Dark Brown. Not Afraid to Pay

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a clean 7 1/2 Stetson Whippet, or Stratoliner (or Stratoliner-ish vintage Stetson) in dark brown. Not afraid to pay, and am ready to buy! Thanks

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