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  1. F

    FS 1960s Woolrich Glen plaid big collar sz 46s

    Hi TFL, Posting this to see if there is any interest. I haven’t worn this coat in a long time so I figured I can try and find it a good home. Woolrich glen plaid coat in a size 46 short. From a little label research, it seems this coat is from the 1960s. Big lovely collar. Coat has no stains or...
  2. H

    All things Woolrich

    Hi everyone, I am new here but wanted to make my first post about Woolrich as I have been collecting pieces for a little while and am trying to find more information on a few items. I have many pieces from the 1930s-1950s and have actually used the label identification on here as a way to...
  3. FreeSpiritOldKnees

    Woolrich Barn Coat for Sale

    This is an old school, Woolrich Barn Coat for sale. The item I have is American made. It is an XL. Below is an image. I am asking for 35 dollars for it.
  4. Hercule

    The International Wool Felt Consortium

    Anybody out there prefer wool-felt hats to fur-felt? Do tell!

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