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A Piece of the Circle


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I have little profound to add...but, I have been a member here for a host of years, a collection of broken years, staying then going, and being involved in other things, then re-joining etc. Fact remains that regardless I have enjoyed this website because it's informative and, a bit of a time warp where I can revisit the time period of both my parents. I was a very young boy in that day when life was shifting from that Greatest Generation and having been born a Boomer to years post WWII. I remember that, men and women were still wearing those '40's styles, and their kids were still being dressed in the same manner. I've an old photo of myself and my siblings wearing our Sunday finest, long coats and little fedoras.

Musings for today, from my small rural place here in Maine include thoughts about growing up during this time period, which eventually gave way to my thought in replication today and as part of those thoughts were ones in tempering goals to make everything wholly perfect to a point of denting the ardor of the quest. We can never go back to that time frame and so the best we can do is replicate it to the point, at least in my mind's eye, to a certain personal plane that brings you joy rather than enslavement in having the next bright shiny thing.
I spent 20 years in living history, stitch counting, trying to get everything correct and spent serious money getting there....what with correct cloth, period styles.......incrementally it became this competition to where, it detracted from just being. In the end, it becomes as KIng Solomon said....a chasing after the wind.

Anyway, aside from the great imperative of decking ourselves out, consider that many of the original people were wearing only the clothing they could afford...so perhaps in the end, it is as representative today in the scheme of things. We should be lauded for trying our best, if lauding is some qualifier, but it's not the clothes, it's the people. Refine your period pieces you wish to display and do your utmost to represent all that but, as I've now redundantly stated, having done all that. be at peace in your now.

Just a thought.
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