Aero CHiP Beater Jacket 40 Teacore

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Corky Corcovado, Mar 15, 2021.

  1. Corky Corcovado

    Corky Corcovado Practically Family

    F5F656F5-9D46-4EC9-8130-4AF280DBD6D6.jpeg BF6F6F57-3729-488D-B333-531B9DEEEB6C.jpeg 20C681A3-90B3-4ADF-B209-7DE0CE8E99B2.jpeg 2277D2D1-127D-46C6-8F04-B46D5022FEB0.jpeg 0DA46536-371B-418A-A4D0-883D1F0DCA99.jpeg 683C0871-8805-42FF-9B24-3B5397EACF9F.jpeg 9B50F85A-5260-468F-98DA-0F950C79E8F3.jpeg 7F6B7393-4364-43E4-86AB-5737B20770D1.jpeg 81992B95-F292-488F-A381-8B34718090A7.jpeg 1DB1FD18-EC64-4C3E-BB20-4323380FDFD0.jpeg Aero CHP 80's? Horsehide high patina and wear with some cracking, flaking, a repaired cut, and a replaced main zip. Definite tea core effect going on.
    Shoulder to shoulder 19
    Collar to base 24
    Pit to pit 22.5
    $200 shipped in the CONUS
    PayPal friends and family to
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  2. Corky Corcovado

    Corky Corcovado Practically Family

    Sold! Thanks TFL and thanks buyer!

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