Belstaff Cafe Racer

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    Belstaff Cafe Racer that I’ve worn infrequently over the years. Please note small stain near zipper as pictured.

    Size EUR 46 US 36 // Color : Tan


    20.5” pit to pit
    17.25” shoulders
    25.5” sleeves
    25” length

    Retail was $1050 and asking $350 including shipping paid via PP/FF. No international sales at the moment.

    D62EABF0-F3CA-4D32-8F23-926F573930EA.jpeg 3F67211D-6E12-4BF7-B6DB-FB6955471077.jpeg 5213226F-E085-45C2-9DC5-153523F884BD.jpeg 34555FCD-1D9F-4DEB-82D9-8E837DB6DFD4.jpeg FC0F3B75-F64F-4959-83D2-3488BCE1483D.jpeg 5E55BAED-566E-4844-97FB-B8F4FDCA142D.jpeg 04AD6A8B-ABE4-4010-85D6-EDFCF78FB92E.jpeg BCF2E837-EDF9-43CE-92F5-1FAE18F7B2F4.jpeg 3CDCCC6C-5C39-426D-8044-255A38823189.jpeg AD00520B-3B5E-405F-AA16-96B3B26200A2.jpeg
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